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At long last, it's harvest time... Now shipping!

It's been a long haul, fighting a shortage of colored vinyl and a pressing plant not helping the cause when they then understocked raw materials... Sheesh. But at long last the truck is here from Los Angeles and the new records are now shipping. Four bucks a throw...


MP-31 THE CATALOGS self-titled EP -- Here's the "legal" edition of the long-delayed Mutant Pop EP. These guys were covered by THE QUEERS in the mid-1990s, where where you? Originally kings of the surprisingly strong Hawaiian pop-punk scene, this was recorded in Portland, Oregon. Same material as the CATALOGS' "bootleg" listed above in the e-sleeves section, but a proper MP package for once! First 500 on purple vinyl, a shade which actually might best be described as "Cranberry." $4.00 postpaid.


MP-41 THE PEABODYS "The Future Will Kill You" EP -- Eric & Co. are back for a 4th Mutant Pop release. Passionate and well crafted poppy punk, with an ear for hooks and lyrical genius in evidence. Five tracks, all great... First 500 on green (domestic), also an edition of 200 on blue vinyl (export only). No, you can't order a blue copy from me, it's export only, see. Try the UK or Japan or Finland or Italy -- they'll have it. Just a little challenge from me to the collectors out there! But wait, there's more -- there's also a BONUS 7" included, a one-sided slab of black wax with their cover of "Leather Jacket" by SCREECHING WEASEL and a red-hot original. So that's a total of 7 songs on two discs for just FOUR FREAKING BUCKS. (!!!)

This is your test -- do you even give a shit about collecting pop-punk records? If not, I can take a hint...



MP-42 THE LOBLAWS "Won't Stop!" EP -- the first "new" Mutant Pop band and these mothers have the keys to the car. They cover a BEATNIK TERMITES song with authority, that'll tell you where they're at. Ultra smooth, dreamy thick vox over crunchy guitars. HIT TUNES!!! This is my new favorite band and I'm sure it will be the same for many of you as well. Get a taste of THE LOBLAWS on their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/theloblaws, I think it is. First 500 on red vinyl. The plant ran out of red stock after just 203 copies and had to buy vinyl from another plant -- which came in a totally different shade! Imprint also ran the sleeve with a defective font with typos on the back and wound up redoing things. So the first 200 out the door are gonna be a little special -- the rare shade of vinyl in the typo sleeves... Yowza! And it's not only one of the best MP records ever, it's only FOUR DOLLARS.


MP-44 THE IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL "Saturday Suzie" EP -- This will be out sooner rather than later... Dirt Bike Adam from DBA's new band, killer power pop hooks from start to finish. Three tracks here, ALL of which would have made a good A-side. If everybody could write hooks this big, I'd go broke from putting out everybody's records! KILLER!!! A can't miss package with HOT PINK OPAQUE VINYL as well as a little xerox poster for the first 200 copies exported to Japan. Oh, my god, another challenge for the collectors -- how insulting! Four Dollars. 4 4 4 4 4 !!!




Forthcoming 7" Fare... (Do not preorder!)


MP-43 THE CONNIE DUNGS "Turntable" EP -- Three hits from the OOP Mutant Pop SRCD. I'm moving very slowly on this one...

MP-45 OSWALD FIVE-O "Lost and Found" EP -- The greatest pop-punk band from Oregon of the 1990s... This one is past the test pressing phase already! Four great tracks from their two stellar full lengths... This will be on orange vinyl.

MP-46 THE ROBINSONS "Bogalusa" 7" -- Mike from THE LOBLAWS' absolutely fabulous former underground pop-punk band, busted up by a little hurricane... Ramonesy guitars and thick harmonies, with a nod to THE BEACH BOYS. The flipside features one of the finest songs that Mutant Pop will ever release. This will be on dark blue opaque vinyl.

MP-47 THE SPINOFFS "Stayin' Alive" -- This one just recorded at the end of September. Five songs from these snotty Canadian pop-punkers, including a punky and cool version of "Stayin' Alive" by The BeeGees. And they do a classic BeeGees pose on the cover, ha ha. Don't puke, it rocks -- honest -- snotty and speedy pop-punk with max tunefulness, a few tasting backup harmonies, and more zing than a caffeinated energy shot! This is a brand new recording from one of the catchiest bands going... Not sure what color of vinyl yet, but this will be out at the same time as the O-5-O and the ROBINSONS releases...

MP-48 THE KUNG FU MONKEYS (title TBA) -- James from the KFM is CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF for a brand new recording for MP! Recording sometime this fall, this will include an all-star lineup with the amazing Pontiac on bass, Mike Faloon (EGGHEAD) banging those skins, Mikey "The Blue-Haired Fucking Freak" Erg downstroking the second guitar, and label honcho Jonnie Whoa-Oh playing something or other, xylophone or zither or pan flute... Actually, I made those instruments up, but Jonster is anticipated to be there to avoid being square... There's also some talk floating around about coming up with extra musicians to tag on HORNS and STRINGS. There's some sore of grand concept afoot, I suggested a cover song and James shot it down quicker than Dirty Harry... It's gonna be a very different, a very great record -- I can't wait.

MP-49 THE LOBLAWS (second EP, working title "Maybe Maebe") -- They're plotting and scheming as we speak. Hit song is "Maybe Maebe," so they say and it looks like it'll be three killer kuts to add to the arsenal. This band features Wyatt from BACKSEAT VIRGINS and Mike from THE ROBINSONS and they're the hottest little incendiary since napalm... Did I mention THICK HARMONIES AND CRUNCHY GUITARS? Did you listen when I mentioned THICK HARMONIES AND CRUNCHY GUITARS?

MP-50. Gosh, we're almost there already. I need to really think about this one...


I am also on the hook for a full length of THE LOBLAWS early next year. My commitment to that band is sky-high, there's some chance that I'll continue to do projects with them even during the "sleep mode" of the label, if they don't mind being associated with MP in snooze mode... Buy the MP-42 record, you'll see what I'm going on about...


So buy lots of records, I can use the bucks, ha ha! The STUFF FOR SALE list has been updated and everything!

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